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Web TV


Out Standing Features Such As: Web TV & Live TVChannels AutomationChannels AutomationDrag & Drop File UploaderPowerful Playlist ManagerJingle VideoGeoIP Country LockingStatistics & ReportingSimulcasting to Social Media Watermark logo for Video PlayerWebsite Integration WidgetsStream RecordingCustom restream relay for RTMP and M3U8

How does the tv station work?

What is A Web TV/ Internet TV Streaming

Web/Online tv is a television station on the internet just as you have your terrestial tv station based on UHF, VHF and on Satelite. Web tv can be viewed via the internet and its not limited to certain areas just like some local tv stations.

Learn About IOT-Internet Of Things

The world is moving to the internet phase which is called the internet of things where all Appliances will be networked to the net. this is to say, Local or satellite mode of BROADCASTING, will soon fade off.

You Can Own A TV Streaming Platform

You too can have your own tv station that will be on 24/7 where you can create several playlists for different purposes by taking advantage of our Streaming Platform. Are you a pastor, Dj, Broadcaster, Presenter, Artist, or you have interest in having your own TV STATION then this is for you. our platform is mobile friendly. all your viewers can watch your tv with any device. and you can stream live to your tv station using any device.

Easy to use • Process

With A Little Money you can Can take your Streaming to the next level. we will grow your Channel with you.

Top Notch Video Control Panel

We will help you to take your streaming efforts to the next level by offering a top-notch Video Streaming Control Panel. You will never encounter any challenges with streaming while you are using the Video streaming platform.

How does the tv station work? Take A Look Below

Our tv station, works with playlists that governs the station 24/7 and you can create these playlist by using our mobile friendly control

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Video Streaming environments are constantly evolving. VDO Panel stays in-step with today’s most sophisticated solutions.

Are you a stream hosting provider or do you wish to start a new business with offering stream hosting service? Then you should take a look at our Video Streaming Control Panel.the best digital experience in the field.

Watermark logo for Video Player

Free NGINX Video Server

Custom restream relay for RTMP and M3U8

Next-gen Technologies

Website Integration Widgets

Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation

Chat System

Channels Automation

Are you a stream hosting provider or do you wish to start a new business with offering stream hosting service? Then you should take a look at our Video Streaming Control Panel.the best digital experience in the field.

Free Features

Panel Playlists includes

GENERAL ROTATION: This is mostly musicals and they play when nothing is schedule to play at that time. you can have several general rotation base on several music types and you can say the time frame each should play.

Schedule Playlist:

This plays basing on timing. lets say, you have a program that you want to play by 2:30pm every Monday, Friday, and Saturdays. and the clips are 30mins long. all you need do is to put it in a repeated schedule. and when its that time, it will come up and plays.

Jingle Playlist:

This is for adverts or to show the station splash logo. you can say play this little clip after every 5 songs, or after every 12mins and it will be as you have programmed it.

Extra Features

Relaying Another Tv/Stream:

You can be broadcasting what another tv station is broadcasting by creating a schedule for your station to hook up to that station at the time specified. Lets say you want to play a football match in your station and you want to hook up to super sport for it.

We Bring you the best audio streaming panel for Broadcasters.

I Online You Audio Panel is one of the most feature-rich streaming panels available out there for Internet Radio Operators and broadcasters. When you start using it, you will be able to manage all your broadcasts efficiently.

Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation

Our Web TV and Live TV Channels automation feature will help you to stream like a professional. We provide an engaging platform that can help you to overcome manual work and experience the benefits of automation.

TV Control Panel Dashboard

All Packages Avaliable


Check out Features that make us exceptional

Web TV & Live TV

Channels Automation

Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Drag & Drop File Uploader

Powerful Playlist Manager

Jingle Video

GeoIP Country Locking

Domain Locking

IP Locking

HTTPS Streaming (SSL Streaming Link)

Statistics & Reporting

Simulcasting to Facebook/YouTube/Periscope/DailyMotion/Twitch

Chat System

Watermark logo for Video Player

Website Integration Widgets

Multilingual Support (12 Languages)

Quick Links for important information like streaming URL, FTP etc.

Stream Recording

Live and WebTV standard audio with audio player

Custom restream relay for RTMP and M3U8

Lock streaming by RTMP password auth & Live publish IP

Historical Reporting and Statistics for Broadcasters

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