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About Us

Best-in-class design and development team.

About us

About I Online You

The world is moving to the internet phase which is called the internet of things where all Appliances will be networked to the net. This Means Today if Your Ministry, Company Or Business does not Own A Website, An Application, or you are NOT On TV or Radio, You will Soon be Forgotten and you may Remain Unreached. But We can Solve This For You.

About Us

Meet I Online You.

Digital Services

We are a Hosting and Development Company that Handles Various Digital Online Projects at A Friendly Fee as we Help you Come online to reach your World from your Home. We Develop, host, build, Design and maintain Radio stations, Web Tv, Do Graphics, build Applications and Websites.

Who We Are?

We Offer Professional Affordable RADIO, TV STATION Development & Hosting & Related Services. The world is moving to the internet phase which is called the internet of things where all Appliances will be networked to the net. this is to say, Local or satellite mode of BROADCASTING, will soon fade off. You too can have your own tv station that will be on 24/7 where you can create several playlists for different purposes by taking advantage of I ONLINE YOU COMPANY TV, RADIO, APP DEVELOPMENT & HOSTING.

Web Designing

Just as you need a physical location if you want to construct a store, building or house, you need a physical location for your website. All of the files (text, images, databases, videos etc.) that your website is made up of takes up space


Digital Radio Streaming

We provide you with an advanced, easy-to-use control panel which enables you to have full control over your station. You have easy access to features such as the ability to automatically schedule times for our Auto DJ service to start streaming to your server.

Digital Video Streaming

Television and broadcasting technology has been constantly developing and renewing since its discovery. When developments in electronic and internet infrastructure were added to these developments, a new process emerged in television broadcasting.

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International Clients

Clara, Stripe

Creating content for your blog can be a time-consuming process that can at times feel unrewarding. With I Online You Digital Services this Hassle Was settled and my Business is now growing

Shane, PayPal

I have seen mega Benefits by operating our Company IT services in a more simple and effective way by leveraging the cloud services of I Online You Digital Services.

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